Toni Harris obtains a university football scholarship to play defense in the men's team


Although it may be a long-term wish, she is the first woman to sign a letter of intent to go to college with a full football scholarship. Harris, 22, accepted the scholarship this week with Central Methodist University in Fayette, Missouri, to play NAIA.

"I always try to surpass myself every single day and keep my faith in God to let me go as far as I wish," she said earlier this month before Toyota launched an ad about him at the Super Bowl.

The announcement has focused on how people underestimate her as a player.

"I've never been a big proponent of assumptions," she says on the spot.

According to KCBS / KCAL, an affiliate member of CNN, Harris was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 18 years.

"I had a tumor in my stomach," she said in 2017. She has conquered cancer, the resort reported.

She said that people were trying all the time to dissuade her from playing football and another said that she could not go from football to high school to university.

"A coach had said before that I would never go to the next level because I was much smaller and not as fast as the other guys, so that moment taught me never to give up" , she told CNN. "From that moment on, I told myself that no one would ever decide what to do with my life, that's my decision."

Last year, Harris, who weighs 5 feet 5 inches and weighs 135 pounds, played three games as a sophomore from East Los Angeles College. Three tackles and a pass were broken, according to the website of the football team. His team went 4-6.

Central Methodist was also 4-6.

"As a coach, giving someone the opportunity to go to university and help them graduate, that's all he's doing." this is, "said head coach David Calloway about Harris, which the school says at 5 feet 7.

According to ESPN, kicker Rebecca Longo signed a scholarship application letter in 2017 to play at Adams State University, an NCAA Division 2 school in Colorado. Division II schools grant partial scholarships to most players.

Longo, who has redshirt during the 2017 season, did not appear in a game last year.

Another defensive player, Shelby Osborne, played at NAIA University in Campbellsville, Kentucky with a partial scholarship, ESPN reported. According to the website of the school, she played in a match of the 2018 season.
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