Top 10 shocking viral videos you did not know were wrong

Top 10 shocking viral videos that you did not know were fake
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It's hard to know exactly how to turn a video into a viral one, but if you've ever seen Man Fights Off White Shark, Gold Eagle Snatches Kid or Worst Twerk Fail Ever – Girl catches fire, you know they're all shocking – and faked – viral videos! WatchMojo has ten viral videos that have deceived everyone. Viral videos demystified!

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00:47 # 10. Ultimate Batting Practice
1:41 AM # 9. Attack on the bear
02:29 # 8. The man is fighting the great white shark
3:25 am # 7. Ape with AK47
04:24 # 6. The biggest monster ever released
05:39 # 5. A $ 250,000 car gets a broken windshield by a child
06:30 # 4. Walk on the water
07:36 # 3, # 2 & # 1 ???

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  1. Everybody knows GREATEST FREAKOUT EVER is fake

  2. You'd have to have horrible optical sensors to think that bear was real

  3. The fake viral video is the greatest freak out ever not because its fake its because of how he rapes the remote control and also his acting

  4. The only fake video is YOURS, you are jealous that they get more views than you

  5. Watchmojo "The shark doesn't look that real"
    Me: Have you ever seen a shark

  6. If your strong enough it is possible to jump over a car

  7. No 9 .. your reason seems self deduced, take that shit somewhere else.

  8. If I see that car opened and running ill take it and drive away

  9. Sharks won't eat a human if the shark knows it's a human it will probably let go

  10. 3:50 when my fortnite account is deleted

  11. photoshop job! seriously? You mean after effects, get your shit right

  12. shark doesnt look that real? seriously? its a real shark, maybe a montage on the video but this shark is real as f

  13. Its so easy to fool millions of people around. It's shocking.

  14. The monkey one is just funny. Like anyone who thought it was real is just dumb

  15. At 3:11 the girl says it dosnt look all that real but that shark is taken from a animal planet shark week ep

  16. 5:10 How Mia Khalifa was inspired

  17. In The McLaren video the kid does actually smash the windshield

  18. the bear looks so fake lol
    also, not everything is photoshop

  19. The shark one wasn't actually that bad of an editing job

  20. #6 the dude in the front looks like a friend of mine

  21. Mayor simple army clear rhythm ethnic consequence butter airplane acknowledge.

  22. can you do a dream house top ten I want ideas?

  23. this guy is doing it wrong in one of your thumbnails you say to say still

  24. Shoves remote up his
    Me:the creator of the dildo

  25. The water slide was proved real by the myth busters the original not the new Jon and Brian mythbusters

  26. photoshop is not a video editor ?

  27. I thought the shark was real so it's just a lie.ohhhhh that makes me sadddd

  28. The shark one is real. You can see the waves in the water from the sharks fin moving. And there could be two sharks?

  29. Who thought any of these were real? Don't insult ur intelligence.

  30. Hey the Mclaren video it real because there another video on it an it show a different angle

  31. 6:11 i saw another angle and it showed him hitting the windshield after the guy didnt stop for him at a pedestrian crosswalk

  32. 5 isn't fake there is a different angel on the video on fail army