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TOP 10 "Singers whose videos went VIRAL" || Part I

TOP 10 "Singers whose videos have turned VIRAL".



  1. I went to middle school with Zach herron before he left for LA and he honestly was an asshole ??

  2. Someone sign these kids already

  3. My favorites were the first and second but they all sang beautiful

  4. The little boy in the tie is SOOOOO cute!!!!

  5. 5:47 is that boy holding his crotch?? take a pee

  6. 나도 노래 잘부르고싶다

  7. The first one sounds like Shawn mendas

  8. Obviously the 1st one went viral becaus3 that boy is famous

  9. the first one is so cute my name is mariellia stitches is my favorite song and that made my day i had a bad day but that cheered me up thank you so much i been so sad all my life but he made my day so much

  10. Seth Quintero Is such a good singer!

  11. Yasssss zack !!WHY DONT WE!!!

  12. IM THE 336,000 Subscriber ???

  13. 5:39 the girl in the back kinda reminds me of Peter's aunt whos legs go all the way up ???

  14. All these kids are gonna make it somewhere in life


  16. Quien sabe el Facebook del chico que canta la primera ?