Top 10 viral father / daughter videos that will make you laugh and cry

Top 10 viral father / daughter videos that will make you laugh and cry // Subscribe:

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  1. I guess that BBC professor was wearing only his underpants. And that could have been the most embarassing moment, but he wisely opted not to stand up

  2. The last 1 though….???? his wife

  3. The last one was the worst one. I have no idea why that made that #1. He was pushing his daughter back like "get away". Then the other toddler rolled in and the way the mother grabbed them seemed almost cold. The way that second child was really fighting to get into the room seemed like they desperately wanted to be around their father.

  4. stay woke buy these cookies???

  5. I just went to my dad's funeral today

  6. Anyone have a link to the full video of dad ignoring daughter? So hilarious. Must see full video.

  7. Sweetest thing I've seen in ages. I love u daddy❤❤❤

  8. No 1 looks like Winston Devour from The Incredibles 2

  9. No Clare Crosby and her father???

  10. That man singing Tennessee whiskey is an amazing singer!!

  11. I wish you would shut up so we can watch the videos.

  12. The girl scout one was pretty awesome.

  13. Wish I was a man so that I could have father daughter moments.

  14. I still remember the watching No.1 video it was epicccc!!! lol

  15. What about Clare Crosby and her dad?

  16. Great dads are so important

  17. I wish you would just show the videos

  18. What about claire crosby singing you got a friend in me with her dad?

  19. Very very great list I like it a lot

  20. That woman running in there always gets me

  21. no 1) omg get off your ass and play with the kid

  22. Omg #1 had me laughing so hard!!!! The mom!!!????

  23. No, I am not crying, you are.

  24. I saw that wedding video and I balled like a baby!! ???????????

  25. I learned of #1 through the Russell Howard Hour… and was laughing my ass off ???

  26. Riley is the cutest ever. OMG her lil 2 yr old self was beyond adorable and funny ????

  27. the one with dad and his daughters dancing to beyonce was priceless. I lol.

  28. Wish my father was here. He passed away when I was 15. I miss him so much. ???

  29. I’m blessed with an amazing stepdad and dad whom I love more than anything! I’m very grateful I still have the chance to talk to and tell them how much I really love and appreciate them both on Father’s Day. My heart goes out to those who cannot do that for whatever reason.
    These dads on this video are adorable!

  30. I never saw my father, Since i came to this world now i'm 20, Can anyone explain to me why he never try to talk to me?

  31. What about Gym Dad?? and Bat Dad???

  32. thought for sure Claire and Dave Crosby would be on here…..