Top 10 Viral Stars: Where are they now?

Top 10 Viral Stars: Where are they now?
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What happened to such? From Jeremy Meeks to David After Dentist, to the children of Charlie Bit My Finger, these fifteen minutes, once the famous sensations on the Internet, are over. So where are they now? WatchMojo has the top 10 viral stars: where are they now?

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#ten. Jeremy Meeks
# 9. David DeVore Jr. [aka “David After Dentist”] # 8. Harry and Charlie DaviesCarr [aka “Charlie Bit My Finger”] # 7. Caitlin Upton
# 6. Alex Lee [aka “Alex from Target”] # 5. Ghyslain Raza [aka “Star Wars Kid”] # 4. Tay Zonday [aka “Chocolate Rain Guy”] # 3, # 2 and # 1 ???

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