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  1. Star Wars kid owns them all.

  2. What about the badger badger badger badger song?

  3. gangnam style got tons of views cause of nostradamus end of the world theory

  4. Gannam style was for sure number one. When it came out it was everything just like the fidget spinners when they came out…except gannam style lived on for ever and fidget spinners died around the beginning of 2018

  5. This video says the Chocolate Rain lyrics are "supposedly about institutional racism" — there's nothing "supposed" about it; they are about institutional racism — but the narrator claims they "make no sense".
    Ugh, sometimes these Top 10 videos really pander to the lowest common denominator. The "Chocolate Rain" lyrics make plenty of sense unless you're too young or too ignorant to see the clear metaphors in the lyrics.
    When you make this kind of lazy, unjustifiably smug critique, it makes me not wanna watch your videos.

  6. kony2012 was such a fucking crock of shit. This is what happens when loser liberals part with their money for nothing.

  7. What about honey badger…. sneezing baby panda…. honey badger fights cobras in trees

  8. Don't need that stupid lady stating the obvious over the clips. Don't need you.


  10. Wow. Not one rickroll, but two.

  11. You guys sub to me and ill sub to you

  12. The kid who went to the dentist is so funny. It is like he had just drank 1,000,000,000,000 glasses of alchol

  13. Follow me on Xbox One @LyricVelocity

  14. And no sittin on the toilet!!!! LAME

  15. Wow, no "Where's the chapstick!?" EFFFING LAME

  16. O.MG wwooooowww genius what an awesome way i love it maybe cause of my voice i cqan get recognized..

  17. Forward to 1:06 (you can thank you me later)

  18. The most viral is Despacito

  19. If It Was Made This Year Epic Sax Guy Would Be Here