TOP 3 DEVELOPMENTS – RAW 3/25: Female WrestleMania, a random employee of Comcast Corp, between Battle Royal and Triple H puts her career on the line –

Title Belt of the WWE Women's Title (Credit Scott Lunn – @ScottLunn)


To summarize: The show began with an announcement that Becky vs. Charlotte vs. Ronda Rousey would close the show at WrestleMania. There was an announcement in the media earlier in the day, but most fans probably heard the news after watching the show. Ronda then went out for a promo, she was booed because she said that she should be the one who was thanked for the women's show headline. She then dropped the microphone, then picked it up and mocked the "Beat the Clock" challenge that was about to unfold.

Becky then went out, referring to Ronda as "crazy" and doing some digs. Charlotte came last, reminding everyone that she was responsible for this historic announcement because of her seven years of contributions.

Ronda defeated Sarah Logan 1:25. Charlotte could not beat that time, so her match with Ruby Riott ended without a win. Becky then beat Liv Morgan 7 seconds faster than Ronda's time for the win.

Evaluation: Ronda Rousey was so much better as a heel. His promo tonight hit the right mark. Becky's new abstention from making Ronda a "lunatic" also works, as it reflects the real-life criticism of her old face.

Provide: Given the historical nature of the female star, it was wise to announce it in advance, as it can serve as a promotional tool for the show. I would expect to see this "first" ever enormously vibrate over the next two weeks.


To summarize: At the end of the show, Alexa Bliss came out for a moment of happiness. As a WrestleMania host, she stated that it was his duty to ensure that the conflict between Braun Strowman and the correspondents of Saturday Night Live appearing in the show a few days ago. weeks. Braun arrived in the ring and was joined by satellite by SNL hosts. The hosts insulted Braun. Colin said his education at Harvard would make him a good mentor for Braun, including teaching him how to chew food and pay taxes. Braun then suggested they adjust their ox physically by entering the royal battle. He asked Alexa to book the match. Alexa first said that she could not do that to "talented comedians", but then said that she was joking and did the game.

Evaluation: As with most segments of Moment of Bliss, it was painful. Alexa is a good promotion, but these segments are simply not designed for its strengths.

This was aggravated by the appearance of SNL correspondents. As before, most fans seemed unaware of their identity and their comedy had virtually no reaction. Braun was really good at delivering his share of the segment, but nothing could save that.

I understand that this is a cross promotion because SNL and NBC belong to Comcast, just like USA Network, but a good rule of thumb would be that the fewer there are Comcast Corp employees in the series, the better. will be. I do not usually like celebrity appearances, but if you want to do them, they only work with celebrities. These guys are not Muhammad Ali, Cyndi Lauper or Mike Tyson.

Provide: I will examine the potential here and predict that the fact that these two men are beaten by Braun during the royal kickoff battle night will prevent them from acting as correspondents the rest of the night.


To summarize: Late in the show, Triple H is out for a promo. He brought a letter from Batista's lawyer. The letter stated that Batista would not show up at WrestleMania if a condition was not met. Triple H sank at the letter, claiming that Batista's attorney had claimed that Evolution had been created solely to pursue the title of Triple H, an assertion that Triple H was laughing at her. even. However, he disagreed with any claim that Evolution would not help Batista in his career, as he entered as D-Von Dudley's team mate and went on as a champion. He claimed that Batista was using this stipulation to withdraw from the match because he was a quitter. He referred to other times Batista left WWE.

Triple H then revealed the stipulation that Triple H put his career in danger. Triple H said that if he could not beat someone as delusional as Batista, he did not deserve to continue, so he agreed.

Evaluation: It was a good promo. Having a lawyer is always a maneuver at the heel, and demanding stipulation after the blow made Batista look disconcerting. Triple H acknowledged that Evolution was in fact all around him, while acknowledging that it had helped Batista find the right balance of honesty while clearly keeping Batista as the heel of the match.

Provide: Triple H wins.

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