Top 5 Sites We Want To Add For Fortnite Season 8


The season 8 of Fortnite is almost here, which means that we are in full speculation and what to expect.

In each season of Fortnite, we usually look for new card slots to liven up the game.

We have seen areas of transformation over the seasons such as the sloping towers, Dusty Divot, the tomato temple and many more.

Here are some of the places we want to see added to Fortnite in Season 8.

1. Pirate's Paradise

A location like this could make sense, since season 8 teasers all have a pirate theme, one way or another.

You can take the bank of the map and replace it with a sandy beach and possibly add pirate ships.

Epic Games could perhaps take the giant wooden crab and move it here too.

2. Dungeon of the Dragon

IMG: ForyTory

The eggs found under Polar Peak could play an important role during the next season. It would be wise to see their location.

In the interest of this place, we assume that it is dragon eggs and that they hatch as dragons.

Having a hideout for the dragon as a location could be pretty cool, but we do not really know what he could adapt to.

Polar Peak is an obvious solution, but we are certain that other spots could also work.

3. Creepy Cave

The second teaser with snake image came with a tweet that mentioned a cave, so we discovered the name of this place.

With the mention of something shimmering, it could mean that this cave could be riddled with loot and treasure chests.

This means that the name "Creepy Cave" does not really apply here, but it's the best we have.

4. Wreck Sanctuary

We will probably not see two pirate-themed places, so it seems like this one or Pirate Paradise is going into the game.

Shipwreck Sanctuary would be a similar idea with a beach and pirate ships but we can simply have them destroyed instead.

The destruction of some pirate ships could actually be an interesting addition to the map. So we would like Epic Games to come with Season 8 when it's a pirate theme.

5. cavernous creek

Could you have pirates and not a creek? Probably, but we will include Comfort Cove on this list.

The creek might look like Lake Loot, but it is surrounded by a kind of mountain range, making it comfortable and comfortable.

The cellars could be filled with chests to give players a reason to settle there and a sense of added security in the mountains.

Maybe we could add pirate ships to the creek to give it the real sense of piracy.

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