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Top Stories: Google Pixel 4 rumored, spotted and rendered

In this week's best articles: Google Pixel 4 is the center of attention with unofficial renditions, a official Google makes, Project Soli's support rumors, and real phone images in the wild.

In what appeared to be a normal start to the week and a season of leaks of rumors and rumors on Tuesday, the first credible renditions of the Google Pixel 4 were put online, thanks to Onleaks. These renderings revealed broad features on Google Pixel 4, like dropping the circular sensor from the rear camera to create a square "hump".

This also gives us a good idea of ​​the general construction of the device – it is clearly glass at the front and back, it would seem that there is a metal rail on the sides and we can also see the alleged USB – C port on the bottom. There is also the usual volume rocker and the power button on the right side. In particular, no fingerprint sensor is indicated in these renderings, indicating an authentication based on the face or a built-in fingerprint sensor. Or both.

google pixel rendering 4

Shortly after, we discovered exactly what credibility these renderings are. In a move that could fall in the history books of technological rumors, Google has itself tweeted an official rendition of the back of the Google Pixel 4.

In addition to showing how Pixel 4 will be visually different, Google said we would be impressed by what the phone "can do". Not a fan of leaving things as a surprise, our Stephen Hall shared a credible rumor about the Google Pixel 4. According to rumor, Google's Project Soli chip would debut in Pixel 4, offering motion detection of the hand by radar.

Previous Project Soli demos could provide insight into how Google could use Pixel 4 technology. A video released in 2015 showed that Soli was designed to be used with a tablet to control a color palette in an app of drawing. It is plausible that Google can use the Pixel 4 chip for control of the user interface, which looks like it.

By closing the week in a huge way, a London reader spotted the Google Pixel 4 in the wild, probably in the hands of a googler, and took us some exclusive photos. In the photos, we see the back of the phone locked in what appears to be a cloth case like those available for Pixel 2 and Pixel 3.

pixel 4 leak in the wild

Our informant added that the device had been spotted in London, but no other image of the device was taken. They were able to take a quick look at the front of the aircraft and confirmed that the "front" around him seemed really large and still had both front cameras in the model. from last year.

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