Top Stories: Updated Pixel 3, Play Store Updates, More

In this week's best articles: We're seeing Pixel 3 a second time six months after launch, the Play Store is preparing system updates, we're seeing the new Play Store theme design, and more.

Later in life, some phones have a very different experience than the one just released, and Pixel 3 is the perfect example. Our Damien Wilde took the time this week to give the Pixel 3 another full notice now that the device has gone through six months of updates and fixes.

The biggest problem is that since the Google Pixel 3 was unveiled, we've had a steady stream of truly leading handsets that deliver exceptional experiences with comparable prices and better basic specifications.

But how is the Pixel 3 tariff, six months older, six months more beaten, used, abused and completely tested? The short answer is exceptionally good.

Our APK Insight team has discovered two major upcoming changes in the Google Play Store app. First, the app will join the ranks of apps such as Gmail, Google Drive and Photos by selecting the Google Material theme. What we have been able to discover is probably still a work in progress, but it is undoubtedly one of the best revisions of the material theme already realized.

At the same time, we discovered that Google was preparing an even bigger improvement to the Play Store. The new app channels point to the Android system updates handled by the Play Store. This could potentially turn the Play Store into an all-in-one update management hub.

Google launched this week a seemingly modest update on the quality of life of Google Home devices. Previously, when running a routine, the Google Assistant would tell each of the actions of the routine. After the update, the wizard now silently conforms to your routine. Our readers seem to be of mixed opinion as to whether this is a totally positive change or not.

If you found Google Home a bit noisy (especially in the morning or evening), try a routine to see if your home is still as lovely as before. I hope you will be much less inclined to shout about everything for which it is currently helping you.

In the news of third-party applications, the latest beta version of WhatsApp is deploying a long-awaited feature, originally called Vacation Mode. Available under the new name "Ignore Archived Discussions", this allows you to not receive notifications of particular group chats without having to leave these groups.

By closing the week, our team was able to discover Google's official code names for Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL and a third Google device embedded in the open source Android project code and the latest beta of Google. With these code names, we have also been able to give more credibility to a reference since the beginning of the year that was supposed to be Pixel 4.

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