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Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth in "Soapedy" Cliffhanger of Finale's "BH90210", their "juicy" plans for a season 2

(Warning: This message contains spoilers for the final of "BH90210")

Fox's "BH90210" series is over Wednesday, revealing that the reboot of the show "Beverly Hills, 90210" had been resumed in series, which means that fans of Donna (Tori Spelling), David (Brian Austin Green), Kelly (Jennie Garth), Brenda (Shannen Doherty), Brandon (Jason Priestley), Steve (Ian Ziering) and Andrea (Gabrielle Carteris) will discover what the characters have accomplished since the end of the drama. is almost 20 years old. (Well, six of them, because Christine Elise told the distribution just before their appearance at the initial presentation of the network that the show was to cut one of the project actors for budgetary reasons.)

But in real life, fans of meta-renaissance will have to wait to see if Fox orders a second season of "BH90210", to know what will happen next with the "reinforced" versions of Spelling, Green, Garth, Doherty , Priestley, Ziering and Carteris and their characters "90210", who would live via the reboot inside the series.

Although we do not yet have an answer for a renewal, we can tell you that Spelling and Garth – who co-created "BH90210" with Chris Alberghini and Mike Chessler – have plans for season 2, even though the show was marketed as a "series of events" from the beginning.

"From our point of view, it was certainly not a limited series," Spelling told TheWrap. "It was a great opportunity to go home with Fox. Given the moment we came to defend Fox, they loved it. They wanted it to be accelerated and this summer. They thought it would be a fun summer treat. So it was the time slot they had. And also what they thought to be great for fans. So it was six episodes, but it was never the intention. The intention is to continue.

Garth said that a second season would be "juicy" because the fictitious reboot has now been resumed and that, therefore, a new visit of the characters "90210" would be a big part of another batch of D & Cs. # 39; episodes.

"It will be juicy, because it will be more about the series, the filming of the series itself and more and more people are immersed in everyone's life, as at any time," he said. she declared. "Sometimes you spend more time with your family at work than with your real family. It would therefore be that these people are brought together in this type of environment and obliged to be present, and that all of this works for everyone. "

Spelling added, "And the fans will certainly be able to see, of course, more shows in the show, that is, the direct restart. So, they will see us as our characters '90210'. When we finished, we had just done the scene with David and Donna. "

Garth says that they would also like to invite actors who have worked on the original series to be stars on "BH90210".

A second season would also address the many cliffhangers for the on-screen versions of the cast that were wrapped in the finale, including difficult marriages, possible paternity revealed and the fact one of them must apparently be shut off from the reboot.

"The original, even though it was a drama, has sometimes been considered a nightly soap opera, especially in the last few seasons," Spelling said. "So we wanted to know more. So, although we have comedy and emotion, we also have the soapy aspect. And Jennie has a big word for that … "

"I invented a" soapedy "for it. because we do it – we are looking at the soapy side of it because it's so funny, because it's not real … we have people playing versions of it. themselves, jumping into scenarios that would only happen soap on TV, "added Garth.

Sparth and Garth can not speak for everyone regarding the distribution's willingness to make a second season, but they are optimistic.

"It has not been solved yet," Garth said. "I would think so, but for the moment I do not really know it."

"We all had a good time together. I think everyone really appreciated the process, "said Spelling. "Everyone loved doing comedy, especially. All members of the cast were very aware: "Wow, this is a special bond we all have." And you can not recreate it, it's something special and doing it together is great. There is definitely magic and I think we would do it all again.

See below for more on TheWrap interview with Spelling and Garth.

TheWrap: How did you pick the slogans of the original series – and its behind-the-scenes drama – to include, like the bit dressed in red?

Jennie Garth: We like to do those who are inside. We take something that suggests that the public perception is disproportionate or totally false – or maybe there is some truth – we like to take those moments and create something juicy them.

Tori Spelling: I think for all the actors to be together for a dramatic and scripted show and to be able to make fun of themselves and push the envelope with these shocking value things, I think that's all. is really cool.

TheWrap: The show has also been criticized by the industry and other Fox shows, such as "Empire" and "The O.C." Have you managed these through the network?

Garth: We've never really seen them as jabs, it's a little more than making fun of the world we live in and know so well. And Fox is part of our family, so it's incomplete to not include them.

Spelling: We only mention programs that are also part of their family, without taking anything at all.

Garth: But I think the tone of the series comes from that eye of telling the story in a different way and doing it with a leaning tongue sometimes or looking at things from a comic angle. All the crazy things that happened in this industry and that happened to us individually, and using them as a platform to tell stories, it's fun, we have so much to tell, so many stories that come out .

TheWrap: Have you thought about how you're going to fix Dylan's absence from the restart in the universe because of Luke Perry's death?

Garth: No, we did not do it because we have just filmed the show in the series at the end of the six episodes, but that's something we'll definitely look at when we go to the show. 39, before, if we move forward, for sure.

TheWrap: What can you tell us about your next show for two women, "Jennie Garth & Tori Spelling Live: One Night to Remember"?

Spelling: This concept is partly explained by the fact that we knew that fans would like something "90210". We knew we did not want to restart online. And the second most important thing is people, in real life, they like our friendship, they like the fact that we have this 30-year friendship and the joke that we have with each other and we chahutons. We have an excellent connection, a fraternal connection. And so many people commented on it and we said to ourselves: "That's why we wanted to create Tori and Jennie in the series and that everyone else play their own role." So we decided to continue this process and all the things we could not write. the scenario, we can continue with the stories in real life and make a night of real friends. And people can join me and my best friend on stage to bring their best friend. We will have cocktails, games and stories. It's very interactive. It's funny.

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