Tornadoes are possible and thunderstorms are expected late tonight and Sunday, depending on the weather service

All of Alabama will run the risk of seeing extreme weather this weekend, starting late tonight and continuing until Sunday.

And just about everything is on the table this time, including tornadoes, big hail, high winds and heavy rains, according to the National Weather Service.

The Birmingham weather service warned that a strong tornado would not be excluded either.

Weather experts continued to urge Alabamians not to have one, but several ways to get weather warnings, especially overnight.

A NOAA weather radio is an option (make sure to have batteries in case of power outage).

Several smartphone apps are also available and can alert you if a warning is issued for your location.

One thing NOT to do is rely on outside sirens to wake you up at night. These are not designed to be heard indoors and will be even harder to hear if you are asleep.

Those in mobile homes will have to be particularly vigilant and have another shelter at their disposal if a storm threatens.

This is a disadvantage, but it could save your life: Recent reports indicate that most of the victims of the EF4 tornado in Lee County last month were in mobile homes.

There is no threat of bad weather this morning, but it is raining a bit.

A frozen cold front brought rain and a storm or two in parts of Alabama Saturday morning, but these storms should not be severe.

In addition, a strong storm or two may be possible later this afternoon.

But the storms that worry forecasters the most should come early in the night and bring with them the full range of weather hazards.

The weather service expects supercell storms to develop west in Louisiana this afternoon and head east, reaching Alabama late tonight.

Forecasters have stated that the atmospheric dynamics in place could allow these storms to retain their intensity and that they could arrive in Alabama in the form of a semi-broken line with integrated supercells.

"We want to point out that these potential tornadoes will not be just fast QLCS spin-ups, but a more super-cellular nature," said the Birmingham Weather Service during its discussion of the morning forecast.

The storms should cross the West State in the east and come out on Sunday afternoon.

The rain and storms could recover later Sunday afternoon when the current cold front will move into the state, but the weather service was skeptical that the atmosphere could recover quickly enough to produce more violent storms . However, isolated showers and thunderstorms will be possible.

NOAA's Storm Prediction Center has placed more than half of the state under severe weather risk today at 7 am Sunday, with the best chance of bad weather in parts of western Alabama , where the risk is reinforced.

Increased risk means that "many" violent storms will be possible.

All the rest of western Alabama will have a slight risk – which means that violent and scattered thunderstorms will be possible. A marginal risk of strong isolated storms extends to the east of it.

The serious risk continues until Sunday. The mild weather for Sunday, which starts at 7 am, carries increased risk for the northeastern part of the state and a light and significant risk zone over most of the rest of the east. and the center of Alabama.

The cold front is expected to move to Alabama Sunday afternoon.

Once the front is over, the threat of severe weather is over, forecasters said.

And Monday morning will be rather cool, with troughs plunging into the 40s for most of Alabama.

But the calm may not last very long. The weather service continued to monitor another possibility of extreme weather on Thursday:

The Storm Prediction Center has already identified an area that is likely to face extreme weather conditions later next week. These are the weather forecasts for Thursday.

The Storm Prediction Center has already identified an area that is likely to face extreme weather conditions later next week. These are the weather forecasts for Thursday.

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