Tornadoes in Texas: Today, including Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska, Central America is experiencing destructive damage


Last updated on May 18, 2019 8:01 PM EDT

Parts of the middle part of the nation were devastated after almost 50 tornado reports in the last 24 hours. Houses and businesses were destroyed. Saturday, hundreds of thousands of people remain without electricity.

Powerful thunderstorms and tornadoes continue to pound the middle section of the country, from Texas to Missouri and Nebraska.

"He is on the road – he dropped a truck on the road in front of us!" says a storm hunter.

Storm Hunters in Kansas captured the moment a tornado hit the ground and overturned a large platform.

The trucker survived. The same tornado has erased a house – its occupants are lucky enough to be alive.

28 million people affected by bad weather in the central United States

The pursuers narrowly avoided being lured by the storm after dangerously approaching another Kansas tornado. The storm damaged their car.

This same storm has crossed a house in Minneola. The cleaning is already underway after the roof and brick walls have been shaved from the house, scattering debris on several yards.

A huge tornado landed in McCook County, Nebraska – and was one of at least 30 tornadoes to hit the plains

In the town of Abilene, in western Texas, a strong storm briefly fell in this neighborhood, damaging some homes, breaking trees and smashing car windows. There are no reports of serious injuries.

Storms could rain Texas inches of rain and, with many rivers and lakes already saturated, the population is preparing for a downstream flood.

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