Touki Toussaint shines in Braves victory against Mets

The Mets and Braves were back Saturday night after New York was able to win the first two games of the series in a pretty convincing way.

The game started slowly and it was pretty much the story of the night for this one. Sean Newcomb had a scoreless first run, attempting a double and a pass. The same could not be said for the Mets star player, Jason Vargas, who was able to record only one single before being forced to leave the match with nearly 40 shots.

After Ozzie Albies and Josh Donaldson started the night, Ronald Acuna Jr. sent a ball into the left side of the infield to allow the RBI to give the Braves a 1-0 lead. Then Vargas re-loaded the bases with a single goal for Dansby Swanson who forced another run through a march that forced the Mets to turn to Corey Oswalt with relief.

Oswalt did not find much more success as he immediately yielded a mere 2 RBI to Johan Camargo, but finally managed to come out of the inning while limiting the damage to four points after rookie Alex Jackson got himself be escaped.

The Braves felt good, but that feeling quickly faded when Sean Newcomb started making the four points in the top of the next frame. Three consecutive Mets managed to start the inning and two men scored with a left-backed ground ball that allowed Juan Lagares to reach the second goal without any player and with a 4-2 lead. The relief pitcher, Oswalt, made the next run with a sacrificial volley and the match was tied by a Jeff McNeil single.

With only one goal in the second run, and no end in sight, the Braves chose to shoot Newcomb in favor of Touki Toussaint, recently returned from the store. This decision would prove to be the one that has completely changed this game, and perhaps will change the entire course of this season.

Toussaint was, to say the least, astounding. He took over for Newcomb, who is now nominated to be sent to Gwinnett to understand some things, and he carried the match to the eighth inning to save Atlanta from a ton of trouble in the bullpen.

While Toussaint held the Mets aimless, the Braves were causing damage to their tandem relief. After scoring four points in the first run, they returned immediately with four more at the end of the second to support Touki. After a walk in Albies, Josh Donaldson hit a straight wall double in the right field that almost left the field, but placed the runners in second and third place for Freddie Freeman who broke the tie with a simple scream at center.

Then Acuna sent another player on the left field to score Donaldson and the team was not eliminated. The next hitter, Nick Markakis, received a fast ball in the middle and struck a laser beam in the center right to score Freeman. Dansby Swanson sank in the second inning of the match by scoring Acuna on a slow-set-point mat to give Atlanta a 8-4 lead.

Surprisingly, the third inning passed without scoring, but the Braves still managed to get back to the fourth inning, adding the lead thanks to a solo shot by Nick Markakis who eliminated some bricks from the center of the field .

After that, it's not until the Mets change pitchers again, turning to old friend Luis Avilan, that the Braves score again. In the bottom of the sixth inning, Atlanta beat two numbers after Freddie Freeman distinguished himself, placed third on a Mets catcher foul, and was designated home by Swanson.

Then, at the end of the seventh inning, the Braves completed their scoring night with the first Donaldson circuit in Atlanta, scoring 11-4, and closed the door on it.

Touki Toussaint was one of the biggest stories of the evening. He gave the Braves six solid laps, highlighting seven Mets and allowing only one pass (undeserved).

This race came after he left the match in favor of Chad Sobotka, who got a ball on the ground on first base that allowed Freddie Freeman to make a rare mistake by throwing the ball to second base, allowing to Arnaud's Travis to score, bringing the score to 11 5 brave.

The last two rounds were cleared by Sobotka in the ninth after the match was no longer doubtful. Sobotka had a good start, but was bitten after walking around Pete Alonso, who came home to score after a Dominic Smith double and a single Brandon Nimmo bloop. D'Arnaud scored the seventh and final round of the Mets on a pitch to score 11-7.

It's hard to say that one of the players is the biggest offensive of tonight's game, as each of the first seven batters (with the exception of Swanson who had only one) scored twice. sure everyone. Swanson led the team with three RBIs and the Atlanta 4-5-6-7 hitters combined for 9 of 11 RBIs tonight.

Toussaint is a strong candidate to return to the Braves rotation after sending Kyle Wright earlier this week to get more development time from the miners. The current rotation consists of Tehran, Gausman, Fried and Newcomb. Things may change before next time, but Mike Foltynewicz should be back soon. This is in addition to Sean Newcomb's lack of command improvement this season, leaving the door wide open to rotation.

Keep an eye on the news regarding this situation. For tonight however, the Braves managed to crush the Mets thanks to 13 combined successes among the seven best batters of the formation and the enormous effort of Toussaint. Stay tuned.

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