Toyota prepares to kill the Prius C

The Prius C is the smallest Prius, the easiest to park and the cheapest.


Toyota executives confirmed over the weekend that the Prius C was slowly getting closer to the dodo bird.

Toyota's Prius C has never been able to outperform its big brother in terms of sales, but we always liked with a smaller body, easier to park, a more normal appearance and a more modest price. In the future, buyers will have the opportunity to buy the Prius life size or the Prius Prime, or go with something like the Corolla 2020 Hybrid, which is not exactly an apple apples option.

The 2019 Prius C is an effective little beast that offers drivers 48 miles a gallon in the city, 43 on the highway and a respectable total of 46 mpg. Yet hot presses Corolla Hybrid should beat these numbers easily, although it is bigger and heavier than the Prius C.

"The Prius C has done its job well and you probably will not see the Prius C on the road," said Ed Laukes, vice president of the Toyota Marketing Group, in a statement to Roadshow.

The Prius C arrived on the market for the 2012 model year and received only relatively minor refreshes throughout its lifespan, with the most significant changes coming to the next year. model year 2017 when she arrived Toyota Safety Sense-C as a standard.

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