Trailer Netflix 'Unicorn Store: Brie Larson and Sam Jackson get together


The beginnings of director Brie Larson Unicorn store goes to Netflix in April. The first trailer is a party full of glitter. She brings together Samuel L. Jackson and Brie Larson after a first game. Captain Marvel.

Although if we want to get technically, maybe Captain Marvel is really a Unicorn store meeting: Unicorn store was filmed, completed and debuted before Captain Marvel even started shooting. The film was originally screened at the Toronto International Film Festival 2017 but was not picked up for distribution until January. (And if you want to be really technical, Unicorn store was a Kong: the island of the skull reunion, the film on which the actors met for the first time!)

Unicorn store stars Brie Larson in the role of Kit, an eccentric and childish young woman who does not know how to become an adult. After leaving art school, where her glittery pastels contrasted with the severe and severe portraiture of other students, Kit found herself working in a regular office. She receives an invitation in a mysterious store where a salesman dressed in a pink tuxedo (Samuel L. Jackson) promises him a unicorn. But first, it must prove itself. This involves building a stable for the creature. More glitter is involved.

Unicorn store premieres on Netflix on April 5th.


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