[TRENDING] Jeon Somi signed a contract with YG Entertainment Sub Label, the Black Label

Jeon Somi has signed a contract with the sub-label YG Entertainment, the Black Label

Jeon Somi may have found his new agency!

On September 23, Sports Chosun declared exclusively that Jeon Somi signed a contract with The Black Label.

The Black Label is a subsidiary of YG Entertainment directed by Teddy, who works with artists such as singer Zion.T and rapper and producer Kush. The Black Label is based in an independent space near the YG Entertainment building and has received full support from YG Entertainment to work with trainees and try different genres of music.

The Black Label was contacted to confirm the reports, but an agency source simply said, "We are currently checking the facts."

Jeon Somi appeared in the "Sixteen" and "Produce 101" survival programs, where she won first place in the final and made her debut in the I.O.I project group. Since then, she pursues activities as part of JYP Entertainment, until the announcement in August of the end of his contract with the agency.

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