TRENDS Maja Jelly | MFK


2 tablespoons cornstarch
25 grams of tasteless gelatin powder, yellow
1/2 cup of sugar
379 ml of evaporated milk
400 ml of condensed milk
1 cup corn grain
425 grams of cream net corn
1 niyog + 4 cups of water = coconut milk

cheddar cheese toppings

Price sample of food
by his more fun in the kitchen

The price below is not a real price.
Use this example of calculating the cost of food as a guide.


Ingredients Nagamit na Sukat Price Pack
Sugar P202 (1kg) P50.5 (1 / 4kg)
Eggs P190 (12pcs) P16 (1pc.)
Flour P275 (320g) P275 (320g)
Chemical yeast P150 (20g) P37.5 (5g)
P1 (1 cup) water P1.5 (1.5 cups)
Total cost P380.5
Total Hotcake pieces made 24 pieces
(To divide) ___________
(wala pang tubo) Food Cost P15.8 by Cupcake
Percentage profit 50% (addition)
TOTAL COST OF SALE P23.7 or P24 per cupcake

1. Cup lining Isama nyo yung ginamit nyong,
cupcake box etc. his calculation
2. Yung mga ginagamit nating cake pan tray, pastry bag,
whip, bowl, etc. hindi na yun kasama his calculation
3. Labor, Gas, Electricity and Additional Profits
a margin or profit margin of 30 to 60% depending on the circumstances
kaganda, kahirap gawin, katagal at kasarap syempre
ang inyong gawa.


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