TRENDS: Simbu and Nayanthara already married | Eyewitness | Dhanush | STR | Nayan


Simbu Nayanthara wedding! Dhanush and Simbu relationship! Dhanush ruined Nandhu's career? Kettavan Nandhu's director reveals the marriage of Nayanthara Simbu! Why the film Kettavan fell! Nandhu, director of Kettavan, testified that he witnessed the marriage between Nayan and Simbu and that it took place in accordance with Christian rituals. He also stated that, according to Nayan's horoscope, if Nayanthara were married, she could not become CM and, therefore, her marriage would be abandoned, said Nandhu. Nandhu recounted how he started his Kettavan with Simbu and why the film was abandoned!

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