Troll artists forbid Overwatch League to mention GOATS |

The artist and fan of Overwatch League, Krystal Robinson, decided to make fun of the league by turning each team into a goat.

The second season of the Overwatch League is in full swing and the so-called GOATS meta is by far the most common team mix ever.

Except that the casters tried not to call the "GOATS" strategy by using everything from "triple tank, triple support" to "3-3".

Former Overwatch League player Brandon 'Seagul', Lanred, explained why the League wanted casters to use terms other than the nickname by which the composition is now known.

Thus, Robinson decided to bring back the goats to Overwatch League by creating a goat to represent each team in the league.

The reaction to watch mainly GOATS has been mixed among Overwatch fans, but so far everyone seems to like Robinson's creations.

Krystal Robinson

This is a lot of goats.

Despite the reaction to the current meta, Overwatch League proved very popular during its opening weekend, where it won the title at the top of Twitch's most watched games.

The Overwatch league will continue its second week of play starting Thursday, February 21.

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