Troy Aikman: Doug Pederson wanted Jalen Hurts, Jeffrey Lurie wanted Carson Wentz

New Orleans Saints v Philadelphia Eagles

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The decision of Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie to fire coach Doug Pederson may stem from a difference of opinion on who will be the team’s starting quarterback going forward.

Pederson believes Jalen Hurts gives the Eagles the best chance of winning, and Lurie wants to save Carson Wentz, according to Troy Aikman, who said on Michael Irvin’s podcast that he spoke to Pederson after Pederson was fired.

“Jeffrey Lurie paid Carson Wentz a lot of money, and they’re on the hook with him, and can’t get out of this contract right away,” Aikman said, via the Philadelphia Inquirer. “I believe Doug Pederson felt that Jalen Hurts probably [should be] quarterback going forward. But how does this mesh [with Wentz’s contract situation]? I think it all depends on how they’re going to handle Carson Wentz.

Aikman said Pederson’s firing was “complex” and not just at the quarterback. But Wentz’s regression and the emergence of Hurts is a major issue the Eagles must resolve going forward. And if Lurie and Pederson weren’t on the same page, one of them was going to have to go. And it wasn’t going to be the owner.

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