True or false? The Mets suffer the worst weekend of the season


The New York Mets have just experienced the worst weekend of the season. Not the worst weekend for the Mets, the worst weekend of all majors teams.

They went to Miami with a 20-22 record, facing the worst league team: a seven-game losing streak and a 14-of-16 loser. The Marlins had scored only eight points in those seven losses without hit a single home run. It was not just a bad team with a bad attack, but a bad team with a historically terrible offense. The Mets had Jacob deGrom starting Friday and Noah Syndergaard on Sunday. It was a golden opportunity to win three straight victories and go back above .500.

That's why Vegas always wins in the end.

Friday: The Marlins are 8-6 with seven points – including a home defeat in five sets. "It's tonight on me – I've done a terrible job," said DeGrom, saying he was not able to throw the ball where he wanted it at the moment . At one point, Robinson Cano failed to sign a double play 1-6-3, telling himself later, saying that he thought there were two withdrawals.

Saturday: The Marlins beat Pablo Lopez 2-0 and two substitutes for a shutout, the only success being Jeff McNeil's double on the first throw of the game. "I think we have talent in this," said Mickey Callaway, Mets manager, after the loss. "We have to start getting there, one way or the other."

Sunday: It did not happen. The Marlins ruled out the Mets 3-0 behind Sandy Alcantara's 89-hole full-double play in a 1-hour, 59-minute game. It was as if the Mets were anxious to get out of there. The lowest point came when Cano did not run after touching a small spinner who hit behind the plate but then rolled a few meters. He was at home talking while the Marlins were playing 2-6-3 doubles.

"I understand that everyone is disappointed – the fans, the owners, myself, the team – because it's not what we are," Callaway said.

Or maybe that's it. A few years ago, Bob Klapisch and John Harper wrote a book called "The Worst Team Money Can Buy" about the Mets in the early 90s. Maybe the 2019 Mets are just the one. the poorest team that we can buy.

As you can imagine, Twitter has had a busy day, with widespread speculation about Callaway's future, now in "Game of Thrones" mode. There seems to be only one solution for Mets:

In addition to this miracle, here are five players that the Mets must improve:

1 and 2. DeGrom and Syndergaard: Look, this team was built around the idea that these two would be ace. But now, deGrom is 3-5 with an ERA 3.98 and Syndergaard is 3-4 with an ERA 4.50. It's not that they've been bad; they just have not been as good as in 2018. Although DeGrom is still 10th in slaughter rate, Syndergaard is just 36th and it allows home runs, which has never posed problem with him before. Of course, deGrom had rocky stretch in April when he had a sore elbow. Some teams can overcome the defeat or the poor season of a star, and even if these two are not the vocal leaders of the clubhouse, it's never good to think that its axis is a little off-center . Of all the problems of the Mets, it's probably the one that worries me the least, aside from the usual worry about their health.

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3. Cano: The agreement between Brodie Van Wagenen and Cano and Edwin Diaz was certainly a type of risk transaction, as it gave up two excellent prospects for Diaz and assumed a large portion of Cano's contract. Cano strikes .245 / .293 / .374 with three home runs. The big red flag: its exit rate is 20%, which is below the MLB average, but represents a big increase for him. Its swing-and-miss rate is rising and its pursuit rate is rising. We can not ignore that Cano had last year's performance-enhancing drug suspension, but he shot better after returning from suspension. I wonder if Cano follows the same route as Joey Votto, where the speed of the bat suddenly ages overnight. He is 36 years old. I would be worried.

4. Amed Rosario: I have never been high on Rosario, but he has a lot of pedigree and he is only 23 years old. But, man, it was a disaster on the ground, prone to mistakes and not showing the range you expect from a major stopover of quality. He's just not good. The defensive metric confirms this because he was accused of having less than 13 defensive shots saved, the worst of all players in any position (and Rosario was bad last year). There are potential backup options – Adeiny Hechavarria started on Sunday and Jed Lowrie, if he ever regained health, is a possibility – but it's a major concern.

5. Brandon Nimmo: I was very high on Nimmo who was entering the season after posting a .404 OBP last year and scored 17 total hits in 433 goals scored. He appeared to be one of the league's top forwards, even a candidate to lead the league in scoring points if he played every day. Instead, he went back. He always draws goals, but his finish was prodigious at the start of the season and he does not direct the ball. His average went from 0.263 to 200. A batter who looked like a potential .400 player with a record of 20 to 25, from 20 to 25. Home Run is rather hit .200 / .344 / .323. It should also be noted that 10 of his hometown circuits last year were played over 24 games in May and June. The good news is that at least he has reduced the number in the last two weeks, so maybe he'll start a good run.

It's surely a coincidence, but after beating the Phillies 9-0 on April 23, the Mets were 13-10 and the FanGraphs gave them a 20.1% chance of winning the division and 48% of the time. qualify for the playoffs. The 9-0 win was also the match Jacob Rhame had against Rhys Hoskins in the ninth inning. These chances have now fallen to 6.8% and 16.4%.

Maybe the baseball gods have spoken.

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The jewel of Alcantara: Let's not neglect the white game of Alcantara, as it was an excellent outing. This was the third "Maddux" of 2019 – a full match of less than 100 shots, the third of 2019 (after only two in 2018) – and offers insight into the potential that the Marlins have seen when they had obtained it under the Marcell Ozuna trades with the Cardinals.

It is only the fifth pitcher of the last five years to launch a full game in less than 90 shots:

How long could Ronald Acuña Jr. become the best player in the baseball title? Jeff Passan

Kyle Hendricks: 03/05/19 (81 locations)
Rick Porcello: 8/3/18 (86 locations)
Rick Porcello: 9/19/16 (89 locations)
Jeff Samardzija: 9/21/15 (88 locations)

By the way, the smallest number of Maddux throws in nine games was 77 – 63 on catches. He played seven full games in the under-90 category (strangely, six of them were white-outs, but the 77-throw match was not).

Bieber Game: The departure from Alcantara was not however the best throwing line of the day. That belonged to Shane Bieber with this match in a 10-0 win over the Orioles: 9 IP, 5 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 15 SO, 107 throws.

According to ESPN Stats & Info, Bieber is the fourth pitcher aged 23 and under to start a shutout with 15 strikeouts and no strolls. The exclusive club: Dwight Gooden (19 years old, 301 days old), Kerry Wood (20 years old, 324 days old), Vince Velasquez (23 years old, 312 days old), Bieber (23 years old, 353 days old). Since 1908, it is only the 15th white game with at least 15 K and no aisle (Roger Clemens and Pedro Martinez each have two).

Ryu, 31 years old and counting: Or maybe Hyun-Jin Ryu had the most impressive start, knowing that it was his third consecutive goalless start with a run of 31 consecutive wins.

Get ready for a series of Harper's successes: After signing a 466-foot home run on Saturday, Bryce Harper ran Sunday again with another long blast in a 7-5 win over the Rockies:

Harper has scored six RBIs in his last three games, following a series of eight games in which he hit .148 with no RBIs. "We all knew this moment was coming," said Phillies manager Gabe Kapler. "When he's on, he's so captivating and charismatic."

Harper's weekend was good news for the Phillies, but Kyle Freeland continues to be bad news for the Rockies. He was eliminated in the second leg of this match, scouring 65 shots and seeing his ERA climb to 6.05. Freeland was clearly running for regression after posting an ERA of 2.85 last year, but I was still expecting an ERA below 4.00 and a good season. Last year, he was the master of virtual contact, but his rough attack rate went from 29.1% to 39.2%.

Get ready for a series of successes from Vladdy Jr .: Wait, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. may already be on one. He dominated for the fourth time this week on Sunday in a 5-2 win over the White Sox:

Guerrero Week: 0.333 / 0.417 / 0.905, 4 HR, 9 RBI, 3 BB, 1 SO.

Welcome to the show, kid.

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