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Trump apparently knows what Bitcoin is and he does not like it

President Donald Trump spent a little of his evening tweeting about crypto-currencies today, announcing to the world that he was "not a fan" of Bitcoins and other crypto-currencies because their "value is extremely volatile and based on tunes".

In a series of tweets, Trump has developed his thoughts on crypto, saying that Libra's virtual currency, recently announced by Facebook, "will have little value or reliability", and that the company should look for a bank charter and be regulated. like any other traditional financial institution. Incidentally, this puts Trump on the side of Democrats in the House, a group of which last week officially asked Facebook to suspend plans for Libra so that it can be properly investigated on the risks to the country. global financial system.

Naturally, Trump ended his crypto conversation by the fireside with a trademark, a nationalist confidence in the US dollar. "In the United States, we have only one real currency, and it is stronger than ever, both reliable and reliable. It is by far the most dominant motto in the world and will always remain so. That's what the US dollar is called, "he wrote.

The reason why Trump today chose to talk about crypto is unclear. The White House has spent the afternoon hosting a rally of discontented curators invited to listen to complain of bias and sympathize with apparent censorship on the part of technology-owned platform owners. Perhaps Bitcoin and Libra were mentioned at this meeting.

Whatever the source of Trump's anger for crypto, a crowd is not particularly happy: the Right Right, which has enough libertarian tensions and more broadly anti-government in its movement to align with the fans of crypto. (In addition, payment processors began to take sides in the debate that led to impoverishment, banning sites known to promote white supremacy, violence, and neo-Nazism. has been made popular through the online reproduction funds of these movements.)

The official Twitter account of the extremist Gab forum, which banned the use of PayPal last October, is on a tirade since the release of Trump's tweets, complain about a so-called "Kushner Presidency" influencing Trump's decision to dirty Bitcoin and comparing the absolutist social network of Gab's freedom of expression to popular cryptocurrencybecause both are "tarnished by the media" and "built to preserve and promote freedom".

The far-right popular commentator, Mike Cernovich, responded to Trump: "It's a big mistake on your part and a lack of vision." Cernovich and others are apparently trying to re-educate Trump about the benefits of Bitcoin.

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