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Donald Trump will make an important request for funds from the Border Wall and will ask for money to reinforce his "Space Force" as a new army branch in the White House budget released next week, announced Saturday an official of the administration.

As the official did, the president was on Twitter calling The commentator on the right, Ann Coulter, a "Wacky Nut Job" for questioning her success on the wall.

Coulter, a former supporter of the president and author of a book called In Trump We Trust, has upset him for his inability to get wall funding by conventional means.

Saturday afternoon, after a day of golf in Florida, the president tweeted "Wacky Nut Job Ann Coulter … still did not understand that despite all the odds and a whole Democratic party of radicals of the extreme left against me who unfortunately do not want to fight), I win at the border.

"The main sections of Wall are under construction and renovation, and MUCH MORE will follow shortly. Tens of thousands of illegal people are apprehended (captured) at the border and NOT admitted to our country. With another president, millions would flow. I prevent an invasion while the wall is built. "

Trump's tweets have been a hardening of rhetoric since January, when the government shut down its wall demands. Then the president said that Coulter could have turned against him because he had not called him back. On Saturday, Coulter did not immediately return his tweet.

The manager who spoke anonymously about the budget to the Associated Press, said the White House would propose serious cuts to social protection programs used by many US accounts and other non-defense accounts. This will probably trigger a confrontation with Congress.

It is unclear how much money the president will seek to make to build the wall on the border with Mexico. This comes on top of the $ 8.1 billion Trump already has, which includes some $ 3.6 billion that he tried to transfer military accounts after declaring a national emergency. Trump relied on the emergency declaration last month after Congress rejected his $ 5.7 billion request. Instead, Congress approved nearly $ 1.4 billion for border barriers, far less than it wanted.

The Republican allies of the Senate Speaker, worried about the declaration of urgency, are about to debate it next week. Some see it as an override of executive power. Congress seems to have enough votes to reject Trump's statement, but not to overturn the veto expected of it.

Budgets are primarily seen as models for White House priorities. But they are often sent to Capitol Hill, where legislators craft supply bills that end up funding the government if the president promulgates them.

Trump's budget for fiscal year 2020 will increase the demands of some agencies while reducing others to reflect these priorities. Discounts are proposed, for example, for the Environmental Protection Agency.

The official said the Congress had ignored cuts in the president's spending for too long. The federal budget was overburdened with unnecessary spending, said the official, and the administration remained committed to balancing the budget.

The reductions demanded by the White House would undermine discretionary spending and some mandatory safety net programs proposed by Trump in the past. Many Republicans are eager to cut government spending, but Congress has struggled to pass bills that seriously curtail social protection programs used by many Americans.

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