Trump backs Susan Wright to replace late husband in Texas 6th District

Wright, who has spent decades in public office in Tarrant County, will face the nearly two dozen candidates in a multi-party primary on May 1, where a candidate must clear 50% of the vote or the race will advance to a second round between the first two.

“I am truly honored to be supported by President Trump, and I am so proud to be the only candidate in this race that President Trump hopes to be his ally in our fight to make America great again,” said she said on Twitter.

Trump’s approval of Wright, who lost her husband after contracting Covid, will likely be a blow to candidates who have attempted to position themselves as MAGA loyalists, including Trump’s former senior health official . Brian harrison and And Rodimer, a former professional wrestler who was backed by Trump in 2020 for a House seat in Nevada.

The contest will also offer a first glimpse into the behavior of suburban voters in the post-Trump era and could be the first indicator of how anti-Trump Republicans are behaving at the polls. Michael Wood, combat veteran and small business owner, positioned himself as an antagonist of Trump, finding allies in the representatives of the GOP. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois and Liz Cheney of Wyoming, both of whom voted to impeach Trump.

The once reliable red light district tended to turn purple over the Trump years. In 2012, Mitt Romney carried the seat by 17 points. Trump, who won the district by 12 points the first time, saw his margin drop to just 3 points in 2020, from Ron Wright’s re-election that year by 9 points.

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