Trump blames the media for fueling the John McCain feud


President Trump claims to have spent only a "small portion" of his time criticizing the late Sen. John McCain. However, last week, Mr. Trump repeatedly attacked the war hero on social media, at a campaign-like rally and even at an office meeting. oval with a dignitary visiting.

In an interview with Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business Network, Mr. Trump defended his tirades against the late legislator, appearing to blame the media for mentioning it.

"No, I do not talk about it, people ask me the question, I did not raise this question, you just said it, you asked the question," Mr. Trump told the question of why he had continued to attack McCain.

He added: "When they ask me the question, I answer the question, but you talk about it, I do not raise it, I'm not a fan, it was horrible, what it did. with the repeal and replacement he made it to the Republican Party and the nation, and to the sick people who could have benefited from excellent health care was not good. so am not a fan of John McCain and that's fine. "

He later rebuked Bartiromo for asking the question, suggesting that she was not "supposed to talk about it" as part of their extensive discussion and called the question "false news".

Despite his public floggings against a remarkable political figure, Mr. Trump asserts that he "gathers the nation".

"I can tell you that much of this country is united like never before.You look at our economy.You look at the jobs.You're looking at the African-American – the lowest in history of our country, the unemployment rate, the best figures they have ever had, "said Mr. Trump.

Much of the political world is uniting, with Republicans and Democrats rejecting the President's attacks on McCain. Several presidential candidates in the 2020 Democratic presidential election called on the president following his comments, including Iraq war veteran Pete Buttigieg, who said Trump was doing it "to attract His attention".

"We must honor the late Senator McCain and follow his example by focusing not on the behavior of the President, but on the future of our country," Buttigieg added.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the street, Congressman Dan Crenshaw, a rising Republican star and former Navy SEAL, simply tweeted, "Mr. Chairman, stop speaking seriously about Senator McCain. "

Senator Martha McSally, Senate seat replacement and Republican McCain in the Senate, told reporters Thursday that she had spoken to the president to "make sure he understands how I feel about from John McCain and how Arizona felt and he heard me. "She added that McCain" deserves the respect of everyone ".


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