Trump budget to request additional funding from the wall


President Trump will ask Congress Monday for additional funding for the construction of a wall along the border between the United States and Mexico, a senior administration official said Sunday.

The demand, which will be part of the budget proposal for Trump's 2020 fiscal year, will certainly revive a conflict with the Democrats that has resulted in a record-breaking government closure this year. Mr. Trump had previously asked for $ 5.7 billion to build a wall, but he was repelled by Democrats and Republicans, who approved a spending bill not including funding.

This led Trump to declare that a national emergency on the Mexican border had access to billions of dollars that Congress had refused to give him to build a wall there.

Larry Kudlow, chairman of Trump's National Economic Council, told Fox News Sunday that additional spending would be included in the budget. Mr. Kudlow added that he assumed "there will be" a fight over these expenses in Congress.

"I would just say that the whole issue of wall and border security is of paramount importance," said Kudlow. "We have a crisis there."

Mr. Kudlow also defended the proposed cuts in government programs that the budget should include, and said that according to the plans of the administration, economic growth would increase by 3% this year, a much higher forecast than expected by the Federal Reserve and other external economists.

Mr. Trump's budget probably died on his arrival at Congress, where Democrats now control the House. Several of its earlier proposals, including the reduction of some federal spending programs, the additional funding of the border wall and a large federal infrastructure initiative, did not result in Congress, even when Republicans controlled both bedrooms.

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