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Trump campaign fires pollsters after leaked figures show Biden leak

The Trump campaign fired several pollsters after internal voting numbers of his own campaign CBS News has learned that this show that is lagging behind its potential Democratic challenger, Joe Biden, has been revealed. President Trump called the polls "fake".

The president is expected to officially announce his re-election campaign on Tuesday at a rally in Orlando, Florida, a state that helped him win the victory in 2016, reports Weijia Jiang of CBS News. A new CBS News Battleground Survey It is likely that the 2020 Democratic voters would choose Biden as their first choice to face Mr. Trump directly. But the president said he was not relying on arguments to convince voters to re-elect him because his record is considerable.

"I do not think anyone has done more in two-and-a-half years than I've done," Trump said.

But 2020 brings new challenges. Internal polls from the Trump campaign show that the president is behind the former vice president in critical states – between 39% and 55% in Pennsylvania, between 41% and 51% in Wisconsin and 7 points in Florida .

The Trump team said the survey was taking place in March, although Trump has repeatedly denied it exists. Still, he zooms in on Biden.

The new CBS News battleground monitoring indicates that 55% of likely Democratic voters plan to support Biden with Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders on his heels. This weekend, candidates crossed paths and attacked President Trump.

"Someone who has actually served in the army in turn, someone with a totally different style, like me, is about as opposed as possible," said Mayor Pete Buttigieg. to Margaret Brennan.

Sanders told Fox News: "I think, frankly, that I am the most powerful candidate to defeat Trump."

Our CBS News battlefield monitoring tool shows that this strategy is the right one. Sixty-nine percent of Democrats want their party's candidates to talk about beating President Trump in 2020, while only 31% want to hear about his attempt to remove him.

The president seemed to be referring to the poll in a tweet Sunday night, saying that "nearly 70% of those surveyed said they were not impeaching" – an interpretation that is not entirely accurate.

In a statement to CBS News, the Trump campaign acknowledged that the polls are real. He calls them "incomplete and misleading", claiming that they represent the "worst case scenario" for voter turnout.

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