Trump chooses Herman Cain for the Fed headquarters


President Trump would be on the verge of appointing the former president of Godfather's Pizza and conservative activist, Herman Cain, to an open seat on the Federal Reserve Board.

Cain was director of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank from 1992 to 1996.

Cain is about to be announced once the background check is complete, Axios announced Thursday, citing "two senior administration officials aware of the decision". It had already been reported that Bloomberg was under consideration in January.

Cain would be Trump's second unconventional choice in recent weeks for a seven-member seat on the board of governors. Trump also announced plans to appoint Stephen Moore, a conservative commentator and campaign advisor, to the board of directors.

Cain, a prominent African American business man, attracted the attention of political authorities in 1994 when he discussed President Clinton about health at a meeting. Municipal in Kansas City. Mo Cain said that Clinton's proposed health plan would force companies to lay off workers. This incident has made him one of the favorite conservative groups.

Cain submitted an unsuccessful candidacy to the Senate in Georgia in 2004 and went on to run for president in 2012, both as a Republican.

The latter offer failed as a result of charges of sexual harassment by Cain during his tenure as President of the National Restaurant Association. Cain denied the charges but ended his campaign shortly thereafter.

A White House representative could not be reached for comment.

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