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Trump claims Paul Ryan for his "atrocious" record: "We can not get him out of Congress fast enough!"

President TrumpDonald John Trump: The controversial platform Gab blames the White House for not having invited it to social media. GOP summit senator: The United States should "re-evaluate" their long-term relationship with the Saudis Pelosi, reported Trump: "What's your name, my dear?" MORE went on a tear against the former president Paul RyanPaul Davis Ryan Ryan Paula stated that he considered retirement as a "loophole" of Trump: book The SoftBank Government Affairs Team registers to lobby Booker in anticipation of the first debate over 2020 with PLUS biceps curls (R-Wis.) Thursday night late in the evening, his "atrocious" record was hailed after excerpts from a forthcoming book that described the former leader of the GOP exasperated by the president.

In a trio of tweets, Trump criticized Ryan for failing to run for the 2012 vice presidency for Sen. Mitt RomneyWillard (Mitt) Mitt RomneyChamber of Commerce recruits former Giuliani campaign agent, Cruz Discover the key player of the Senate during the GOP battle against Saudi Arabia. Trump is still on the verge of winning reelection. (R-Utah), convinced him of the impossibility of obtaining funding from a border wall and blamed the former president for having lost the majority Republican in the House last year.

"Paul Ryan, a vice-president and former House speaker, whose accomplishments were atrocious (except in my first two years as President), has finally become a long-standing failure, leaving his party in the trap of both fundraiser & leader, "said Trump.

"He left Congress because he did not know how to win," continued Trump. "They put me O in the Wisconsin state and booed off the stage, he promised me the wall and failed (anyway!

"He had the majority and had let him down with his bad leadership and bad timing, I never knew how to attack the Dems as they chased us." We could not get him out of Congress soon enough! "

The late-night speech took place hours after extracts from "American Carnage," a new Tim Politico book, reported by the Washington Post, according to which Ryan considered his retirement from Congress last year as an "escape hatch".

The former president criticized the president over his speeches and his style of government, adding that he felt the country had been "numb" by Trump's behavior.

"Those of us around him have really helped prevent it from making bad decisions. All the time, "said Ryan to Alberta. "We helped him make better decisions, which was contrary to his reflex reaction. Now, I think he's doing some of those instinctive reactions. "

Trump and Ryan had sometimes acrimonious relations going back to Trump's presidential campaign.

The Wisconsin legislator said he would no longer be appearing with the then-candidate, Trump, after the reappearance of an "Access Hollywood" tape depicting Trump boasting of his sexual assault.

After Trump took office, Ryan built working relationships with the president and often downplayed controversial tweets or statements from the White House.

In April 2018, the then President announced that he would not run again. While the GOP lost dozens of seats in the House during the midterm election that followed, Trump congratulated Ryan on the announcement of his retirement.

"President Paul Ryan is a really good man and, even though he will not seek re-election, he will leave a legacy of achievements that nobody can question," Trump said. tweeted in April 2018. "We are with you Paul!"

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