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Trump complains about his number of followers on Twitter at the "Social Media Summit"

President Trump used what the White House described as a "social media summit" on Thursday afternoon with conservative guests complaining about the loss or failure of his followers on Twitter. Representatives of tech giants such as Google, Facebook and Twitter have not been invited to the event.

Mr. Trump has filed a complaint against social media companies such as Twitter, complaining about the fluctuation of his subscribers on Twitter. Mr. Trump is complaining about not attracting followers as quickly as in the past, and sometimes loses followers. Twitter sometimes proceeds to purge false accounts and former President Barack Obama has also lost subscribers in such purges. The president also said that the Americans came to him and claimed that social media sites prevented them from following him.

The president asked his administration to look for any regulatory or legislative measures to avoid censorship. He also said he was inviting representatives of major technology companies to visit the White House in the coming weeks.

The president invited other people on stage to voice their grievances against social media companies, including Sen. Josh Hawley, a Republican who called for tighter regulation of technology companies to avoid the censorship. Among the guests were Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA, Diamond and Silk conservatives, pundit Ben Shapiro, GOP representative in Florida, Matt Gaetz, Project Veritas founder, James O Keefe, and D & # s; 39, other conservative icons with radical lines.

Mr. Trump praised the way in which social media personalities before him have the ability to break into mainstream media. Twitter was down shortly before the president's event, but it was working just when Mr. Trump started talking.

It is not clear whether the president intends to impose stricter regulation on tech companies, but a handful of Republicans have called for more government intervention to ensure that social media companies do not censor the speech – a change of the republican positions of the past against a new intervention of the government in the companies.

Traditional Social Media Sites Left Behind at White House Summit

Following his speech at the Social Media Conference, the President will hold a press conference on the issue of citizenship and the census. As CBS News reports, the president will announce that he is taking action on the issue of citizenship and the 2020 census.

Sara Cook contributed to this report.

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