Trump declares the people's enemy of the New York Times

President TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump offers Jeffrey Rosen to replace Rosenstein at MJ. McCabe says: "It's possible" Trump is an asset for Russia McCabe: Trump "undermines the role of law enforcement" On Wednesday, the New York Times was described as "a real enemy of the people" one day after a detailed report detailing the means by which it had sought to influence the investigations into its presidency and its allies.

"The New York Times reports are wrong," tweeted Trump. "They are a real enemy of the people!"

The President has refuted no specific report from the Times.

The newspaper reported Tuesday that Trump had asked Attorney General of the time, Matthew Whitaker, to entrust US Attorney Geoffrey Berman, who is investigating in the Southern District of New York, with his case. former lawyer, Michael Cohen.

Berman, a Trump ally who had donated to his 2016 campaign, had been challenged from the investigation and Whitaker had not acted on Trump's request.

Trump rejected the report when he was questioned on Tuesday afternoon.

"I do not know who gave you that," Trump said, calling the report "false news".

A spokeswoman for the Justice Department said in a statement that the White House had not asked Whitaker to interfere in the investigations, thus recalling his congressional testimony dating back to this month. .

The Times did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the president's tweet.

Trump has a well-documented reputation for attacking the press, and the Times in particular. He decried negative coverage of himself and his administration as "false news" and called journalists and the media "the enemy of the people".

Earlier Wednesday morning, the president claimed that the writers "do not even call to ask for an audit".

The New York Times reported that Trump's request to entrust Berman with responsibility for the Cohen investigation had revealed that the White House had not responded to the call when she had had the opportunity to comment before publication.

– This report under development will be updated.

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