Trump donates $ 100,000 to DHS


President Trump announced Monday that he would donate $ 100,000 of his annual payroll to the US Department of Homeland Security, saying that there would be "a hell to pay" for reporters. he did not do it.

The ministry is responsible for implementing Trump's immigration and border security policies. Its funding was critical to a 35-day partial government closure that ended in January. During the closure, the agency's employees were not paid on time as Trump sought to convince Congress to provide billions of dollars in funding for the construction of a border wall along the US-Mexico border.

"Although the press does not like to write about it, I do not need it either, but I give my annual presidential salary of $ 400,000 a year to different agencies throughout the year, this to Homeland Security, "Trump wrote on Twitter.

He added: "If I did not do it, it would be hell to pay with the FAKE NEWS MEDIA!"

It was not clear if Trump meant that reporters would criticize him if he gave it to an entity other than the DHS, or he complained that the media would criticize him if he gave up to a campaign promise not to accept his annual presidential salary of $ 400,000.

In January, Trump donated his pay check of $ 100,000 for the third quarter of 2018 to research on alcoholism, which his brother was victim of.

Previous controls were conducted with the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Small Business Administration, the Ministry of Transportation, the National Parks Service, the Department of Education, and the federal government's anti-trust efforts. opioid abuse.

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