Trump “incredibly close” to installing Ivanka as World Bank president, report says


In January 2019, when the World Bank’s Jim Yong Kim abruptly announced his resignation, then-President Donald Trump was tasked with identifying a well-qualified candidate for the top post. According to a new report, he landed on his daughter Ivanka and creepingly came close to her wish. The Intercept reports that Trump was adamant that Ivanka would be the perfect replacement despite her complete lack of relevant experience or skills. And it could have happened if Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin hadn’t stepped in to block the appointment. “It came incredibly close to happening,” an anonymous source told the site. Report casts doubt on Ivanka’s claim from April 2019 that she turned down the post of head of the World Bank because she was ‘satisfied with the job’ she was doing as a House adviser White. Trump argued at the time that Ivanka was the best candidate “because she’s very good with numbers.”

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