Trump minimizes closures of genetically modified plants, repeats false statement about steel mills

In a tweet on Thursday morning, President Donald Trump downplayed the announcement of General Motors' announcement of the closure of several US factories and the dismissal of thousands of US workers, saying it was an anomaly in the US economy "in full swing".

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PHOTO: A sign is posted at the General Motors factory Lordstown Wast on November 27, 2018, in Lordstown, Ohio.Tony Dejak / AP
A sign is posted at General Motors' Lordstown Wast factory, on November 27, 2018, in Lordstown, Ohio.

In doing so, however, the president reiterated his frequent misrepresentation that steel mills are being opened across the country.

This information was repeatedly refuted by the fact-finders of ABC News and other media outlets during his election campaign, and the White House refused to specify what the president is referring to, although US Steel stated that he relaunched some of them. blast furnaces that were previously dormant before tariffs on Trump 's steel.

BMW reacted differently to the president's tweet, only confirming that they "were considering building an engine plant in the United States." But that has not been as far as the president, who said the automaker "has just announced a major new plant."

"We can confirm that we are planning to build an engine plant in the United States to provide BMW vehicles manufactured in the United States and Mexico," Domonic Stoiber told BMW General and Government Affairs in a statement. an engine plant to support our production and sales in North America, and we are revisiting this option. "

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