Trump Organization calls on the House Judiciary Committee to end the investigation into the company


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According to Trump Organization lawyer Alan Futerfas, the committee 's decision to recruit Barry Berke as a legal consultant is a violation of ethical rules because Berke has a long history of representing the company. | Spencer Platt / Getty Images

The Trump organization is asking the House Judiciary Committee to stop investigating the company, saying the congressional polls have been "irremediably" tainted.

In a letter to President Jerry Nadler (DN.Y.), Trump Organization lawyer Alan Futerfas said that the committee's decision to hire Barry Berke as a legal consultant violates the rules of the law. Ethics, because the Berke firm has long represented the Trump Organization. In his very firm letter, Futerfas asked Nadler to remove Berke and the president from submitting Berke's communications to the bench.

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"Barry H. Berke, your special supervisory partner and long-time partner of Kramer Levin and litigation co-chair, does not have the right to represent or advise the committee," writes the letter and asks "that the committee ceases and "abstains" from all probes.

Nadler did not respond to a request for comment.

In a statement, Berke's cabinet, Kramer Levin, said his past work for the Trump Organization was not related to "the work Mr. Berke will do for the committee." The firm also stated that Berke's work for the committee would be in his "personal capacity" and the firm will not be compensated for the legal services provided by Berke to the committee.

The Judiciary Committee recently asked Berke and Norm Eisen to serve as legal advisers as legislators investigating President Donald Trump and overseeing the federal investigations that ensnared the president, his family and his associates.

Berke and Eisen, a former White House lawyer under the Obama administration, publicly criticized the president and hinted that he had already committed crimes related to the obstruction of justice. Republicans said the hiring revealed the Democrats' intention to continue the impeachment proceedings against Trump.

"If there had been anything substantial related, they would have pointed it out in the letter," said Richard Painter, a law professor at the University of Minnesota, who sat at the House. White George W. Bush.

Darren Samuelsohn contributed to this report.


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