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Trump says he'll set up a new health care plan in the coming months

President Trump announced that he would set up a new health care plan in a few months, saying it will be a key goal of his reelection campaign in 2020.

"We are going to produce phenomenal health care, and we already have the concept of the plan," Trump told ABC News in an interview broadcast Sunday night.

"We will announce this in two months, perhaps less," he added, at the request for clarification.

Trump said "we had almost finished health care," adding that "ObamaCare" is a disaster, "but we made it usable."

Health care was also at the center of Trump's first presidential campaign, saying during his presidency he would repeal and replace ObamaCare with a plan that would guarantee all Americans.

During his tenure, Republican and Trump legislators have attempted to repeal parts of ObamaCare, despite recent elections that have marked public support for the program.

The Trump administration even filed a lawsuit to overturn the Affordable Care Act through a complaint filed by the Department of Justice, claiming the bill was unconstitutional.

Whichever candidate Trump will face in 2020, health care will become a vital topic of discussion in the race. The first Democratic presidential candidates support a series of universal health care proposals.

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