Trump says "I understand health care now" as the administration redoubles efforts to repeal Obamacara (Affordable Care Act)


Trump: "I understand health care now"

President Trump said on Wednesday that he understood the complexity of health care after the failure of attempts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA). He reiterated his assertion that the Republican Party would now be the "best health care party".

"I mean it 100%, I understand health care now, especially very well, many people do not understand it, we're going to be, the Republicans, the big health care party," Trump said. in a statement. Meeting of the Oval Office with the Acting First Lady of Venezuela, Fabiana Rosales De Guaidó. "Democrats have, they let you down, they came with Obamacare, it's terrible."

The president cited rising premium costs, saying "people go broke trying to pay" their health care costs. However, he said that his administration had "improved the situation" by "having administered Obamacare very well", but had nevertheless criticized the policy as "horrible, it is something we can not live with". in this country ".

His comments came one day after the Justice Department declared in court that the entire ACA had to be canceled. In legal documents filed Monday, the Justice Department claims for the first time that the ACA is unconstitutional.

The change in the administration's policy, if it prevailed in court, could jeopardize the health coverage of millions of Americans and follow through on a promise of signature campaign made by Mr. Trump. The Department of Justice says that it is now agreeing with a lower court exclude from Texas who declared the the entire law on invalid health care. This decision comes a year after the repeal of the GOP tax law and the ACA tax penalties for uninsured people. In the Texas case, the judge felt that the provision was so essential in the law that she could not stand without her.

Mr Trump said on Wednesday that the lawsuit was only the "first phase" of the ACA's termination, often referred to as "Obamacare". He added that he was waiting for the case to reach the Supreme Court courts, which has already twice confirmed the ACA.

"If the Supreme Court decides that Obamacare is eliminated, we will have a much better plan than Obamacare," promised Mr. Trump.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has since cracked down on attempts by the administration to repeal the ACA, saying it was "a total against the health care provided to the American people ".

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