Trump says Mueller report should be made public: "Let people see it"

President Trump said Wednesday that he would support the publication of the special council's report on Russia's possible links with its 2016 campaign, saying that Attorney General William P. Barr should "let the message appear."

Mr Trump, who declined last month to pledge to release the results of the investigation, said that "tens of millions" of Americans would like to read the report prepared by the council. special, Robert S. Mueller III.

"Let people see it. It's up to the Attorney General to do that, "Trump told the press south of the White House lawn, adding," There was no collusion. There was no obstruction, there was nothing there. "

The law does not oblige the Ministry of Justice to publish a report on the special council's investigation and, in the past, the president has stated that he will not interfere with the department's decision.

Mr Trump said Wednesday that he was eager to read the report. But he told reporters that he thought he should not have to embarrass the special attorney's investigation because of his "big" college victory election in 2016.

"It's a bit interesting that a man, caught off guard, writes a report," he said. "I think it's ridiculous."

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