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Trump says that 'Obama should be aware of it'. efforts to undermine the presidency

In a speech on Sunday, President Trump said that former President Obama should certainly be aware of what he termed "high level efforts on the part of" FBI guys who have few lives "and other intelligence agents to undermine his presidency.

In a controversial interview with George Stephanopoulos, presenter of ABC News' "This Week" show, Trump blunted his accusation by adding, "I will not make this statement yet." But, while two Justice Department investigations were actively investigating the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation, Trump had hinted that more facts would soon be revealed.

"You clearly think that there was a group of people working against you," Stephanopoulos asked. "Do you think President Obama was behind all this?"

"I would say that he certainly should have known about this because he has gone very high up the chain," Trump replied. "But you're going to find out, I'm not going to make that statement yet, but I would say President Obama should know."


In May, Trump released a memo giving Attorney General William Barr the authority to declassify any Trump campaign monitoring material in 2016.

As part of its "multi-faceted examination" and its "extensive" review of potential misconduct by US intelligence agencies during the 2016 presidential campaign, the Justice Department revealed last week that it also investigated the activities of several "non-governmental organizations and individuals".

After Trump reported that he had handed over more than a million documents and chose not to exercise the executive 's privilege on any aspect of the report of the special advocate Robert Mueller, Stephanopoulos emphasized Trump's level of cooperation with investigators.


"You did not have an interview, you did not answer the questions about the obstruction," said Stephanopoulos, former senior adviser to Bill Clinton.

"Now, wait a minute," Trump replied. "Wait a minute, I answered the questions, and I wrote back to them."

"Not on the obstruction," Stephanopoulos repeated twice.

Former FBI agent Peter Strzok is a

Former FBI agent Peter Strzok is a "lowlife," Trump said Sunday, adding that President Obama was probably aware of his activities.
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"Listen, George, you're a good little guy, okay, which is typical for you," Trump replied. "Just so you understand, very simple, it's very simple, there was no crime, there was no collusion, the collusion of big problem. There is no collusion, which means that they have established – it was an installation, in my opinion, and I think it will come out. "

Trump continued: "I hope it's going to come out, we'll find out very soon, because I really think it's going to come out." [Peter] Strzok, those FBI guys who lived slowly, when you look – because the FBI is the best. But these – the most important people were absolutely lowlifes. When you watch Strzok and [Lisa] Page and they talk about an insurance policy in case she would lose, that was the insurance policy, "referring to the former FBI agent and lawyer.

STRZOK SPECIAL ADVICE PHONE IS COMPLETELY REALIZED, DOJ blames system-wide software defect for other missing FBI texts

The Justice Department announced that its investigation, initiated by Connecticut US lawyer John Durham, was also examining the involvement of "foreign intelligence services". Last month, George Papadopoulos, a former Trump advisor, told Fox News that an informant who was probably "affiliated with Turkish information" had been featured as a research assistant at the US. Cambridge University in September 2016 and had tried to "seduce" him for information linking Trump's team to Russia.

The Justice Department also said it was closely reviewing the work done by GPS Fusion, the firm retained by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to conduct opposition research against the Trump campaign.

GPS Fusion, in turn, hired former British spy Christopher Steele to produce an unverified and largely discredited record that the FBI later quoted in secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) motions. watch the old help of Trump, Carter Page.

FBI internal text messages, obtained by Fox News, showed that the FBI was arguing with a senior DOJ official about the apparent "bias" of a key FISA source at the time. Fox News's The Hill report has since revealed that Steele had met with a State Department official shortly before the FBI was granted FISA Page. The manager then promptly told the FBI of many concerns about Steele's credibility, including that some of his claims were patently false and that his client was "eager" to see his product on the surface before polling day.

Several sources close to the case told Fox News that Durham had been "very involved" and "asked all the right questions". In addition, sources at the Justice Department confirmed to Fox News that Barr had met "several times in recent weeks" with Durham in Washington, D.C.

The internal watchdog of the Ministry of Justice has conducted an independent investigation into possible abuses and abuse of surveillance. Previously, the Inspector General (IG) of the Department of Justice had noted numerous apparent and apparent violations of the policy by FBI agents and agents, including inappropriate donations and misrepresentations. leaks without permission from the media.

In May, the IG issued a summary of the investigation concluding that a former FBI deputy director, whose name was not known, had committed a "fault", including disclosure of "sensitive" information to the media , violating federal law by disclosing sealed court records and offering a media gift. The IG refused to recommend prosecutions without explanation.


"Do you believe that President Obama spied on your campaign?" Interviewed by Stephanopoulos towards the end of the interview, Trump had stated that "a previous administration used intelligence data and intelligence agencies to spy on my campaign."

"I do not know," Trump said. "But I hope we will find out."

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