Trump spokesman: "I do not think the president lied"


"Wow!" Cuomo replied, adjusting his headset. "That blew my IFB right out of my head."

Cuomo then stated that he was finishing the interview due to McEnany's denial.

"Please, if you can not admit that this president has lied to the American people, you will have no credibility with this audience," he said. "You still have a long way to go, Kaylee." Listen, when a president says every day to the American people not to believe in a free press, he is the enemy of the state and he About the G-7 Allies By saying what we really want to know, that's why your media hate the country – it's to blame for sowing the seeds of division. "

McEnany responded by accusing the press of lying about everything the president said.

"You may not like what I say, it does not mean it's a lie, it's lying all the time, and you know it," Cuomo said, as McEnany fired back later. "You should look at yourself in a mirror."

Trump has made more than 12,000 false or misleading statements during his two years and more spent in the White House, according to an updated Washington Post analysis in early August.

He repeatedly attacked the press for his cover, often calling him "enemy of the people" and "false information". He also called Cuomo "totally uncontrollable animal" earlier this month after the video that threatened him threatening a man who apparently made fun of him by calling him "Fredo".

The president seems to have stepped up his attacks on the media in recent days. He accused the Washington Post and Axios of inventing stories about him and Wednesday criticized Fox News for interviewing an aide to the Democratic National Committee.

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