Trump threatens to declassify "devastating" documents if Democrats want to "play hard"


PThe Trump resident probably reinvigorated Republican lawmakers when he said he would consider considering declassifying "devastating" documents from the Department of Justice and the FBI if Democrats in the House "wanted to play hard".

The threat comes months after a handful of conservative lawmakers have asked the president to declassify and publish documents that they believe would show that the investigation of Russia is politically biased against Of the president.

"I think it would help my campaign. If they want to play hard, I will do it. They will see how devastating these pages are, "Trump told the New York Post on Wednesday.

The request was made in September and focused on documents relating to the monitoring warrant used against Trump's former advisor, Carter Page.

Documents were also requested concerning meetings of former Justice Department officer Bruce Ohr with Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence agent paid by the Democrats to write a large file on Trump, containing information on which the FBI supported its monitoring application.

But later, Trump said he could save the publication for a more politically ideal time.

"It's much more powerful if I do it then," said Trump, adding that "if we had already done so, that would be yesterday's news".

Trump has already declassified documents in 2018, including a note from the Republican-controlled House Intelligence Committee, but has recently overturned the decision.

In September, less than two weeks after the Republicans' initial plea, the White House announced that Trump had ordered the declassification of many documents, which would have included the monitoring mandate.

The White House also announced the release of text messages from former officials such as former FBI director James Comey, as well as Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, former FBI officials.

However, a few days later, on Twitter, Trump said he was waiting for a review of the documents before they were published.

In a pair of tweets, Trump said officials at the Justice Ministry had agreed to release the documents, but that this could have a "perceived negative impact on Russia's investigation."

"In addition, the main allies have called to ask not to release," added Trump. "Therefore, it was asked to the Inspector General to quickly review these documents.I think he will act quickly on this (and hopefully on other points). that he is currently examining). "

"In the end, I can always declassify if that proves necessary," Trump added at the time. "Speed ​​is very important to me – and to everyone!"

The president's new threat comes as Democrats prepare to take power in the House in January, and presidents of incoming committees have made it clear that the Trump administration would be the first target of their investigations.

Trump has already promised to take on the Democrats, saying "two can play this game".

"If the Democrats think they are going to waste taxpayers' money in our House-level investigation, we will also be forced to consider an investigation for all leaked classified information, and many more. at the Senate level. Two can play this game! Trump said on Twitter the day after the mid-term elections.

Democrats have criticized the Republicans' efforts to have the documents declassified as a broader pressure to discredit Special Advocate Robert Mueller's investigation.

Mueller took over the investigation from the Department of Justice and the FBI in May 2017.

Trump has consistently criticized the investigation as a "witch hunt", which has recently criticized him several times this week on Twitter.

None of the spokespeople of the Congress member who requested the declassification of the documents responded to a request for comment from the Washington Examiner about Trump's latest remarks.


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