Trump Tower and Robert Mueller reach an agreement on Paul Manafort's condo fees


The situation, one of the most poetic conclusions of a Mueller affair, was born from the confiscation of his apartment in Trump Tower, Manhattan, as part of his plot, his lobbying in the United States. and his plea of ​​guilty.

The former president of the Trump campaign has lost the Fifth Avenue condo, of an area of ​​1,500 square feet, which will be sold by the US Marshals Service, according to proposals filed in court.

UBS Bank, where Manafort had a $ 3 million mortgage on the property, will be repaid almost in full after the sale. But the US government still has to pay the condominium fees that Manafort owes and are still committed.

Much of Manafort's assets were blocked by the government during his arrest and he has been in jail since June 2018. He will be sentenced for his crimes next month.

Manafort used his Trump Tower condo, with its two bedrooms and two and a half baths, as a base for his stay for years when he and his wife traveled to New York. This included during the campaign. According to the New York Times, Donald Trump's home in his home was even part of his argument.

Manafort bought the condo – near the top of the 58-storey high-rise skyscraper – more than a decade ago for $ 3,675 million. To close the sale, he resorted to a front company called John Hannah, who, according to prosecutors, would have hidden his foreign lobbying revenues from the IRS and other US authorities. Manafort and his wife took out the mortgage with UBS in April 2015, a year in which Manafort was in debt while his lobbying work in Ukraine was ending.

A year later, Manafort joined the Trump campaign, where he did not receive a salary.

Manafort had not repaid any part of the condominium mortgage, said the bank's archives.

Prosecutors have reached settlements on several other property seized at Manafort and will give much of the assets to the banks and other creditors it owed.

The Washington-based federal judge, who oversees Manafort's criminal trial and confiscation proceedings, has not yet signed the settlement with the Trump Tower condominium board. She approved the settlement with UBS Bank regarding the Manafort apartment.

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