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Trump uses Twitter to govern. I used it to cover his top on social media.

WASHINGTON – President Trump has invited some of his most fervent digital warriors to the White House on Thursday for his first social media summit. Twitter was not there and his platform was down in the hours leading up to the event – the company accused an "internal configuration change".

But the president's favorite mouthpiece was back in time, just at the beginning of the summit, and it seemed to me that there was no better way to document the Lovers' Day between Mr. Trump and 200 of his most fervent followers online.

A little context is in order here. In business, we call this the "nut graf", which explains why history is important.

The President, unsurprisingly, said early on that he appreciated the power of his tweets: their ability to explode the Internet or to quickly react the anchors of CNN and MSNBC. He also mentioned that fewer people were engaging in his missives.

The public did not include traditional businesses that come to mind for social media: Twitter, Facebook and Google. Instead, Mr. Trump gathered a set of far-right voices that he said often worked with Dan Scavino, director of social media at the White House.

Trump touched on a variety of topics, including the strategy to beat Democrats in 2020.

But an uninvited guest distracted Mr. Trump by literally taking his face. A fly at the white house! History tells us that the president is easily distracted by these domestic insects. He seemed to recover quickly, though.

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