Trump's Fed candidate has a history of "radical" views on the economy and democracy: CNN

Stephen Moore, one of the President TrumpDonald John TrumpJudicial Courts Order Trump Administration Continues Temporarily to Return Asylum Seekers to Mexico Federal Investigation Reveals Generalized Sexual Harassment in Trump Company-Led Company: Booker Report Trump would apparently have forgiven a border official: "This should shake all Americans"Candidates of the US Federal Reserve Board of Governors have long adopted self-proclaimed "radical" views on the economy and the government.

CNN's KFile reviewed a number of speeches and appearances on Moore's radio and noted that it was supportive of the removal of corporate and federal income taxes.

"What is the tax rate on income in Texas and Florida," said Moore. "Zero, there is no income tax, why can not we have income tax at the federal level?" Eliminate this income tax and make taxes like we do it in Texas and Florida, so Texas and Florida have no income tax, "Moore said in 2015.

Moore called for the demolition of the Ministries of Labor, Energy and Commerce as well as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Office of Consumer Finance Protection (CFPB). He also questioned the need of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development and the Ministry of Education and said that last year again, he did not see the need for a minimum wage .

Moore responded to CNN that he did not want to abolish the minimum wage.

The report could add to bipartisan skepticism about Moore's appointment that exploded last month when Trump called him to serve the Fed. Lawmakers have expressed concerns over his partisan defenses to Trump's economic policies and criticized Fed Chairman Jerome Powell as "the worst appointment".

"There is no greater swamp in Washington than the Federal Reserve Board," Moore said in an interview published in February on Vimeo. "It's filled with hundreds of economists who are worthless, who have the wrong model in mind, they should all be, they should all be fired and they should be replaced by good economists."

"I talked to the president last week and he was extremely upset that this is one of his worst political appointments – I think so, and now he's stuck with this guy, I think he's less than four or five years old – year-round appointments, "he added referring to Powell.

A convinced capitalist, Moore also said in an interview for Michael Moore's 2009 film "Capitalism: A Love Story" that he valued capitalism before democracy.

"Capitalism is much more important than democracy," Moore said. "I'm not even a strong supporter of democracy, I always say that democracy can be two wolves and a sheep who decide what to eat for dinner, look, I'm for people to have the right to vote and things But many countries with the right to vote are still poor, and democracy does not always lead to a good economy or even a good political system. "

Moore has also made similar comments on several other shows.

"I believe in free market capitalism and representative government, which is what has made America the largest and most prosperous nation in the world," Moore told KFile, of CNN.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Hill.

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