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Trump's lawyers share a video of a moment campaign employee saying that Trump has forcibly kissed her

Lawyers for President TrumpDonald John TrumpS & P 500 Passes the 3000-Place Bar For The First Time A dispute between Seoul and Tokyo makes Kim Jong Un's victory even more precious at the DMZ: the Chamber of Commerce hires a former member of the Giuliani campaign, Cruz MORE posted a video of a meeting between Trump and Alva Johnson, a worker in the 2016 campaign, who refutes the allegation that he would have forcibly kissed her.

The 15-second video "shows that the plaintiff's allegations in the complaint that Mr. Trump has" forcibly kissed "her and kissed her" on the mouth "are totally false," said Lawyer Charles Harder in a folder.

The video was recorded by campaign volunteer Brian Hayes on his mobile phone in a recreational vehicle before a rally in Tampa, Florida in 2016.

"Looking at the video, the only conclusion a reasonable person can reach is that the exchange was an innocent moment between a dedicated campaign employee and the candidate for whom she was working," added Harder.

Johnson's lawyers, however, claim that the clip backs up his account by proving that Trump and herself interacted at the time of the claim.

"We are happy and happy to finally have evidence of what Ms. Johnson has alleged in this lawsuit," Hassan Zavareei, Johnson's lawyer, told Politico. "Basically, that's exactly what Ms. Johnson said."

Zavareei told the press that Johnson did not seem to react negatively in the video as she had not appreciated the seriousness of the moment until the release of a 2006 recording in which Trump tells the story. "Access Hollywood" host Billy Bush as his fame allows. him to go out with groping women.

"Does it look dramatic? That's not to say that it was not a serious battery. It's a battery because she did not want that to happen. It's not a proper thing to do to another person, "he said.

Zavareei also stated that the video evidence that Johnson was present on the VR contradicts an assertion from Karen Giorno, head of the Trump Florida campaign, who stated that she could not remember Johnson's presence on the VR.

A federal judge dismissed Johnson's lawsuit in June and ordered him to testify again after excising references to the allegations of more than a dozen women who accused Trump of sexual misconduct and citations in reports.

The White House has denied the claims.

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