Trump's private jet at LaGuardia

Even President Trump's Boeing 757 can not avoid a New York wing problem.

Trump's private jet – in which he toured the country during the 2016 presidential election – was taken to LaGuardia Airport on Wednesday by a business jet that was parked on a parking place.

Trump's plane was parked at the time and no one was there, the Trump Organization said.

The plane that cut the Trump plane had three people on board and had just landed after a short flight from Long Island.

No one was injured and air traffic at LaGuardia was not affected.

Trump's plane became a symbol of his wealth when he was in the election campaign in 2016, and he often used the jet as a backdrop for his rallies.

The device is adorned with the Trump name in gold letters on the side and features 24-carat gold-plated bindings and leather seats.

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