Tua Tagovailoa gym trains with tweets Brian Flores lost locker room


It looked like things couldn’t get any worse for the Miami Dolphins, who are without starting QB Tua Tagovailoa and just got their butt kicked 45-17 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 5, but they did. somehow worsened.

After the beating, in which the greatest quarterback of all time, Tom Brady, threw for 411 yards and five touchdowns, Dolphins fans on social media were furious.

There has certainly been some overreaction, but one thing was certain: fans are frustrated because their favorite team has been horrible lately.

It’s always hard to get a reading in the locker room or from head coach Brian Flores, but there’s no way the team will feel good after this embarrassment. Miami has had a lot of hype going into this season and without All-Pro cornerback Xavien Howard to force a fumble and recover it himself in Week 1, Miami would be 0-5.

Tagovailoa is on the injured list, but he was still in the headlines after the game.

The gym Tua Tagovailoa trains with made waves on social media on Sunday after the game.

It all started with a Dolphins Twitter poll asking fans, “In your opinion, has Flores lost the locker room? Tagovailoa Gym Training on social media account (@ PER4ORM) responded and said: “I wanted to say YES. Sorry.”

Now it could be just personal opinion, or it could be acquaintance, because it’s not just Tagovailoa who trains with PER4FORM. Wide receiver Will Fuller V and former running back Jordan Scarlett also practice there, and there may be some players I miss.

At first glance, I thought this tweet was from a frustrated Dolphins fan and really didn’t think about it. However, the social media account of the gym where Tagovailoa trains didn’t end there.

The next tweet was about Tagovailoa. @FreddyDub tweeted (about Tagovailoa), “Coming back to a team that left their coach as they fight for their job…” In a tweet that has since been deleted, PER4FORM replied: “Exit? It is even difficult to talk to this coach. How much more difficult do you think it is to play? Child please.

Darling. There’s a lot to unbox out there, but let’s start with the obvious. Tagovailoa didn’t say that; the gym where he trains. Can you assume he heard it from Tagovailoa? No. Can you assume he heard it from any Miami Dolphins player? No. We’ll never really know, so there’s no right or wrong answer, but it’s worth talking about, and I wouldn’t tell you you’re wrong if you end up assuming the worst.

You can speculate why he tweeted it and if Tagovailoa or another Dolphins player told him about it. I think one of the biggest concerns with this last tweet was that it got deleted.

Deleting the tweet makes me believe someone told them asked them to delete it because it gives the impression that they have been told these things. Again, I don’t think you can assume 100% for sure that they were, but I wouldn’t tell you that you are wrong in assuming it; I wouldn’t tell you that you’re right, either. This is only my opinion.

I quote PER4ORM’s tweet saying, “This is the gym where Tua Tagovailoa trains. (with a gif that says, “Not great, Bob!”) You can see it below. PER4FORM also replied to me to double his since deleted tweet, saying: “Not good at all Klump.”

I’m sure some fans are going to push this off and say it’s nothing. Its good. We are all entitled to our opinions.

My take on all of this is this: where there is smoke, there is fire. I think these tweets should be dealt with by Flores and Tagovailoa this week because they put a lot of water in my eyes. I didn’t feel their tweet on Flores was hard to talk about and play was their personal opinion, but rather something they were told.

So, I agree with the Tagovailoa gymnasium where he trains; it is “not good at all”.

UPDATE: Since the publication of this article, PER4ORM has responded to me via Twitter:

To clarify, this article is a discussion item based on a since deleted tweet and does not imply that there was inside information or imply that the tweet was made as a fact. As the article says, this is a summary based on that tweet and opinion removed for discussion.


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