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Tucson sets a high temperature record

TUCSON, Arizona – For the first time since 1979, the city of Tucson has peaked at 109, making it the hottest of the summer, according to the National Weather Service.

According to the EPA, more than 1,300 deaths a year in the United States are due to extreme heat. This is because doctors have said that heat exhaustion can happen very quickly. Although this can happen to anyone of any age and any physical condition, children and older adults may be particularly vulnerable to heat.

Consider these tips from Janelle Christman, Tucson Medical Center Emergency Department Manager, to stay healthy during the summer heat:

· Limit outdoor activities to the coolest hours of the day and avoid mid-day outings
· There is no "being used to the heat". Dehydration is a natural response of the body and all are susceptible
· Drink plenty of liquid even before you feel thirsty and even if you are in a pool. It can be easy to forget the importance of hydration, but the best way to treat is to prevent burnout!
· Pay attention to how you store your medications as they may lose power in very hot weather. Do not let them stay too long in the mailbox or in a parked car.
· Very young and very old are the most likely to burn out due to heat due to decreased thermoregulation. It is always good to have an established monitoring system to make sure they are safe all day.
· Know the signs of heat exhaustion. If you or someone with you has been exposed to extreme heat, headache, fatigue, severe weakness, confusion, sweaty skin or nausea, please call 911 or visit the service. the nearest emergency.

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