Tuesday Bird Droppings: Where Chris Davis Has The Unhappy Story

Hello, Camden Chatters.

I have good news and bad news.

The good news is that the Orioles broke their four-game losing streak by winning a decisive win against the Athletics last night, setting a season-high 12-4. Tyler Young recapped the glorious details of the Birds' first home win in 2019.

Regarding the bad news? Well, you probably already know if you have watched or read sports news this morning.

Chris Davis went into history for all the wrong reasons. With his 0-5 performance last night, Davis set a new major league record of futility, bringing to 49 the number of consecutive losses without hits (since last season). The previous record for a non-thrower was held by Eugenio Velez, who had 46 touchdown hitters in 2010-11.

The cruel irony lies in the fact that Davis' decisive pass for the fifth inning on the left, the striker who broke the record, was probably his most affected ball of the season.

As appalling as Davis looked at the plate, you do not set a record like this without being bad luck along the way. It took a perfect calamity storm for Davis to make this dubious feat.

And Davis, unfortunately, might not be made of history. If you include his six goals and one goal in his series, Davis has played 56 games without knocking out, a record record held by Tony Bernazard in 1984. If Davis is in training tonight, he could match and / or break this brand, too.

The tragic saga of Chris Davis has reached depths that we never thought possible. I do not even know what else to say at this point. However, many others do, including ESPN, Deadspin, Sports Illustrated, USA Today and, basically, all national media.


O's Davis scores with 47th AP without touchdown in row – ESPN
* heavy sigh *

Chris Davis is now officially part of the miserable history of baseball – Deadspin

Davis sets record for batting in Orioles 12-4 win (with quotes) – School of Roch
A group of Orioles, but not Chris Davis, talk about last night's game. Poor Brandon Hyde has just won the most unbalanced victory of his managerial career, but must answer questions about the most depressing development of the evening.

Small HR League for Orioles Speedster – Orioles.com
Let's forget about Davis and focus on the fun tricks of Monday's win, including Cedric Mullins scoring two triples, one of which turned into the home run of the Little League.

Brandon Hyde showed a different management style than Buck Showalter – BaltimoreBaseball.com
If we've learned anything about Brandon Hyde so far, it's that he's doing things a little differently than his predecessor. You should read this article really well written about it!

Anniversaries and History of the Orioles

Is it your birthday today? Happy Birthday! The two birthday buddies of your O are Adam Loewen (35 years old), the Orioles' No. 4 pick in the 2002 draft, and the right-handed Dennis Sarfate (38), acquired in the Miguel Tejada trade in 2008 and later had a sensational career in Japan. Loewen and Sarfate both played in the 2008 "Orioles Magic" video, which aired on Camden Yards after O's victory.

On this date, in 1959, the Orioles became the first MLB team in history to play a triple game on opening day. Against the Senators in Washington, first baseman Bob Boyd came in with a line for the first out, was shot in second place to double a runner, and received the throw to the first base to take out third.

In 1970, offensive player Don Buford dominated both sides of the plate to win. And in 1976, Jim Palmer beat his compatriot Fergie Jenkins, 1-0, to beat the Red Sox on opening day.

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